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Fix your inaccessible USB

Fix your inaccessible USB drive – ALB-Tech Solutions

Are you wondering about how to repair your damaged USB drive and restore all your files? At times, we forgot to protect the archive of our files such as documents, spreadsheets, presentations, photos, videos, and other preferences. The important files we have created from the beginning have consumed many of our working hours. So, if those files are corrupted or infected by malware, we are concerned about how we can restore the drive.

The first thing we need to know is whether your USB drive is accessible? If not, check this article for quick fixes for damaged or inaccessible USB drives and restore files. We also include a solution on how to fix your drive infected with the Shortcut virus. Finally, we also recommend in this article the best recovery software you can use.

How to fix your USB drive where files are infected by Shortcut Virus?

  1. Plug in your USB drive on any computer.
  2. Open your USB drive in File Explorer.
  3. Go to Folder Options to view all advanced settings of your File Explorer.
  1. See the View Tab in Folder Options pop out.
  1. Select “Show hidden files, folders and drives” instead of ” Don’t show hidden files, folders or drives”
  1. Uncheck the following:
    * Hide empty drives
    * Hide extension for known file types
    * Hide folder merge conflicts
    * Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)
  1. Then, apply your changes and in most cases, your infected files will be now visible.
  2. You must now copy your files into your computer storage.
  3. After saving your recovered files into different locations on your computer, you can now format it to remove the Shortcut virus. Do not forget to change back your File Explorer settings in Folder Options.

How to fix a corrupted USB flash drive and recover your files

  1. Plug in your USB drive on any computer.
  2. Hold “Windows Logo/Key” and press “R” to open the Run command and enter “diskmgmt.msc” to start the Disk Management window.
  3. See if your USB drive is in RAW format, if yes know the letter of your drive.
  4. Then, run Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator.
  1. In Command Prompt, enter chkdsk /f e: where e: is your drive letter. Thus, the synthax is chkdsk /f [drive letter]:
  1. Run the command and wait to complete it. The command chkdsk /f fixes any structural issues with the file system and directory, correcting inconsistencies between the two.
  1. Alternatively, if after running chkdsk /f then your drive is still inaccessible, try to run chkdsk /r.
  2. However, some damaged drive sectors are unable to fix by this method. In this time, recovery software might help your problem to be solved.

Recommended Recovery Software to fix inaccessible USB drive

EaseUS – it is actually a ‘wizard’ in the sense of being an expert at something. The EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is easy to use, taking you to step by step through the recovery process. Launch the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Pro soon enough after the disaster has occurred and will be able to wake up almost everything, from anonymous partitions to virus-damaged files.

The full package is still one of the most affordable solutions we’ve seen for crashing RAID settings – some packages hide this functionality in their premium versions. While there are some advanced recovery packages out there, and some are cheaper, this is the one we can keep on our shelf for those special occasions.

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